Welcome to Fereshte Shishine Paintings
A selection of paintings by Fereshte Shishine is presented on this site for viewing.

The works presented range from early works of the artist until now. They do not follow a chronological order but are grouped according to the mediums used.

Fereshte Shishine lives in Geneva, Switzerland where she has an atelier for ceramics and teaching. She is a passionate painter and continues to create paintings using different mediums.

She says "I started to learn painting from the age of 5 and it soon became the main passion in my life. Painting is my primary occupation and discovery of new nuances, colours and forms my solace. My early training started with learning to draw and paint from old-school master painters. This exercise required hours of persistence in drawing a subject, for example an ear or a hand, over and over again or making multiple shades of one colour by mixing it with only one other for hours on end. The main emphasis then was on detailed drawings, perspective, forms as well as colouring techniques.

Initially I painted hundreds of miniatures some copied, some inspired by works of others and later in my adolescence, scenes to treasure a feeling or convey a message.

I started to explore other mediums, subjects and styles of painting in my late teens and continued on this voyage with a mix of frustration, joy and satisfaction.

I use many mediums, paint different subjects and have tried many styles. I use pencil, watercolour, chalk, pastel, tempera and oil for creating landscapes, portraits, still life, interiors, figures etc.

I am attracted by colour and light. I sometimes do details as an excuse to elaborate the subtleties of light, shadows and tones."

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